08 August 2008

How I spent my summer

Summer time and motorcycles. A boy and his toys. The summer weather in Michigan this year has been great for riding and it's a lot cheaper than my one ton diesel. Insurance through Progressive Insurance is reasonable. So where am I going with this?

My Harley is a 1986 FXR or Low rider, with a cam, trick carburetor and high voltage ignition system. The bike looked pristine and no one could tell it is 22 years old. A minor scratch on the tank, but the chrome was like a mirror. The black paint would reflect the sun. That is until I took a spill after hitting an unseen pothole while going into a curve.

Fractured my tibia and fibula, my jacket rode up and lost some skin on my left arm and a few assorted contusions and abrasions. The bike on the other hand sustained a bit more damage when we slid about 100 feet hitting a curb and bouncing up on to the sidewalk.

Called Progressive while on the scene and received a claim number very quickly, was assigned a claim representative. Very impressed. Had the bike taken in for repairs and the claim rep was there within the next day.

After a couple of weeks, a call. Sorry to tell you says John, my claims rep, but we can't find all the parts for your bike. I was assured that the shop and John would continue to check around, even on eBay and Craig's list. Weeks later I get the call, sorry, can't find the parts and where. What we can do is give you back your wrecked bike and pay you for the parts we can't find.

So lets recap. Harley wrecked, can't be ridden, no parts available for an American bike that has been made for decades. Progressive says "sorry, can't help you." Here's your check and wrecked bike, good luck and thanks for being a Progressive customer.

At least after 6 weeks I'm off the crutches and in a walking boot. Maybe I can incorporate it into my pond. 4yrewgn5di